Psychological Consultant – Jan Czarnomski (M.Sc.)

Psychological Consultant

Jan Czarnomski (M.Sc.)

Are you confronted by a problem that seems hard to resolve?

Are you being challenged by an acute crisis? Could you use a neutral perspective to get clarity? I can give you counsel as a psychologist and help you understand complex situations, gain new perspectives and meet challenges in a productive manner.

My Foundation

Psychology (M.Sc.)

Expert eye. Analitical approach. Scientifically founded.


Patience. Holistic outlook. Empathy and mindfulness.


Perceptiveness of a musician. Resources from classical conducting. Contact with what matters.


Trust and understanding. Openness and respect.

My Offer

Psychological Counseling

If the inner balance is disturbed, I can support you as a psychological counselor. Acute or chronic stress can make daily struggles particularly stressful. Racing thoughts, mood swings, sadness, anxiety, depression, or trouble sleeping; a wide variety of psychological issues can be addressed in counseling.

Couples Counseling

If there is a crisis in your relationship, you need to communicate and negotiate well. Unspoken feelings and thoughts can lurk in the background and become a problem later. A well-maintained relationship with direct communication can be a rock that can give us stability and security well into old age. As a neutral third party, I would like to help you gain an overview, focus on what is important and improve your relationship in the long term. Various relationship topics can be addressed in counseling.

Family Counseling

A family is a complex system. Many different needs must be taken into account. When there are arguments in the family, it is often difficult to resolve the dispute if you are part of the system yourself. As a consultant, I can approach your family situation neutrally and help you work on your problems. I use Systemic consulting methods that address the social interconnectedness of the family situation and are solution-oriented.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Do you notice constant inner restlessness or are your thoughts out of control? Or do you have a basic interest in meditation? As a long-time practitioner of meditation, I can provide you with various methods and clarify questions about mindfulness.

Chronic Disease

Do you struggle with chronic pain or other ailments due to chronic illness? I have a personal connection to this subject due to a birth defect. It is not easy to allow inevitable suffering. I would like to help you find a good way to deal with your situation.

Group- and Team Counseling

A team works best when everyone works with the same goal in mind. The larger the team, the more difficult this becomes. If there are problems in the team, it is important to bring everything to light that is hindering good collaboration. Here I can assist you as a counsellor. I use Systemic consulting methods – this means that all individuals and their connections to one another in the team are taken into account. My concern is to improve communication in your team and to positively influence collaboration in the long term.


Are you in a management position and would you like a new impetus for your management style? Ever since I got into classical conducting, I’ve been interested in how to lead without leading. How do you find the balance between control and delegation? I would like to share my psychological and musical expertise with you.


Sind Sie in einer Führungsposition und möchten neue Impulse für Ihren Führungsstil? Seit ich mich mit dem Dirigieren beschäftige, interessiere ich mich dafür, wie man leitet, ohne zu leiten. Wie findet man die Balance zwischen Kontrolle und Delegation? Gerne möchte ich meinen psychologischen wie musikalischen Erfahrungsschatz mit Ihnen teilen.